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Speaker Seminars
Business Case Studies
Work Sessions
1. Speaker Seminars
2. Business Case Studies

Topic based seminars with our world class speakers, from co-founders of global corporations, to CEOs of publicly traded companies.  Next Unicorners have the opportunity to learn and interact with these business leaders via Q&A sessions.

3. Work Sessions

Next Unicorners enjoy the opportunity to participate in an M.B.A. format business case study session presented by our speakers followed by topic based Q&A sessions.

4. Competition

Next Unicorners will sit down and get their hands dirty during work sessions. Discussion among peers are led by small group leaders. Brainstorming sessions to refine ideas are fueled by snacks and drinks. 

Usually the pinnacle for most students, Next Unicorner will have the opportunity to put what they have built up against fierce competitions from their peers during the grand finale of our program. Intense battles ensue!   

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